French Macarons are all the rage, and yes that’s Macaron with one “O”

Photos by James Ramsay Photography

East Coast West Coast near and far, the trends for weddings change as fast as the wind blows. Or do they? Here in the Midwest, we seem to be behind what is trending on the coasts. In the last two years or so, there has been a boom in the French Macaron business. So much, that people are becoming connoisseurs of these little devils. What are they you ask?? Well, they are delicate bites of heaven! Crispy on the outside and cakey on the inside. I first encountered them in Beverly Hills a couple of years ago. They have become a fan favorite at wedding receptions boosting an upscale look and easy wedding favor. They are popping up even in the local grocery store. Do not be fooled though. The fresher the better for these tasty morsels. One of my favorite haunts to enjoy these with an amazing mocha is Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis. John Kraus has brought a little bit of Europe to us. Whether served on a dessert table or packaged for your guest, I assure you they will produce a frenzy of happiness to the palette.

-Mary The Salty Sugar Artist