This time lapse of the Cathedral of St. Paul was captured in the Summer of 2012 by John Anderson of J Walter Anderson Photo & Video while working with James Ramsay Photography on Rachel and Nick’s wedding. John has over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry as well as a broadcast radio background and hundreds of weddings.

J Walter Anderson Photo & Video

John Anderson



There has been a rumor floating around like a Springtime breeze that TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” has been looking at Posh Bridal in Semple Mansion as a possible location to shoot a future episode. It’s true! A local video crew headed by John at J Walter Anderson Photo and Video shot some video and photos back in January to help TLC see all Posh has to offer in the way of personality and atmosphere. All the ladies of Posh were happy to expose their views on the wedding industry, people and stories of the ups and downs of the bridal market. TLC is considering a “Bridesmaids Edition” and Posh Bridal Couture is in the running. They are just waiting to hear if “Say Yes to the Dress” will say yes to them.┬áHere’s a brief look at the video shot back in January.

– John Anderson

J Walter Anderson Photo and Video