Pick a Theme for your Engagement Photography

Couldn’t resist getting a photo of Kelley in the alley with her red leather jacket. Sometimes I like to get individual photos of the couple just for fun.

I had Kelley approach Pat as if he was on a break from playing with his band. It didn’t hurt that Pat was actually playing guitar and one memorable highlight from the shoot was when Kelley spontaneously sang the lyrics to one of the songs Pat was playing!!! Then they sang together, I felt lucky to be there.

A natural reaction from Kelley as Pat plays one of her favorite songs.

I told Pat to do his best imitation of a rock star posing for a CD cover, while Kelley played the role of photo assistant.

Kelley did a fabulous job as acting photo assistant for the day!

After we arrived in the St. Anthony Main neighborhood, Kelley changed her outfit and we noticed an industrial loading dock that made an interesting set.

This shot was Kelley’s idea. It’s always great to collaborate with couples during an engagement shoot. Some of my best ideas come from my customers.

“Give me some sass!” I don’t say it often, but when I do it usually works.

Hot shoes! We picked this location in Minneapolis because of the bright colorful background and the amazing natural light.

A horse drawn carriage appeared from across the bridge and immediately Pat and Kelley realized what a great opportunity it was for some cool photos. These fairy tale moments happen sometimes and they are always magical.

It felt a little bit like we were channeling the magic of Cinderella with the horse and carriage spontaneously driving by.

Photos by James Ramsay Photography

Many brides choose a fabulous theme for their wedding. It’s more rare for you to choose a theme for your engagement photography. ┬áPat and Kelley knew the first step was planning out a theme with their photographer. Since Pat was a musician, we went over a few ideas and settled on a rock and roll theme. Kelley was nice enough to play the role of photo assistant as well, which was a fun idea we came up with on the spot. The couple also brought a change of outfits to be more formal for some of the photo session. This guaranteed them a variety of looks for save the date cards, place settings, guest book material, and prints for the wall of their trendy Lowertown, St. Paul apartment.┬áSometimes improvising leads to the best photos. For example the horse and cart was a complete coincidence, but we put ourselves in a position to succeed. It was an amazing bonus to an awesome evening of engagement photography. It seems like something out of a fairy tale.

-James Ramsay


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One Response to “Pick a Theme for your Engagement Photography”
  1. Helen Moore says:

    What a wonderful website! Beautiful pictures but I especially love the ones of my lovely daughter Kelley and her soon-to-be-husband Pat! James, you truly captured their love for one another in your photographs. Thank you!