Scenic Wisconsin Engagement

Thank you to all the couples we met yesterday at TCWA’s: The Wedding Fair. 

Engagement Photography: James Ramsay

Locations: Alma, Wisconsin | Buena Vista Park | Groom’s family barn.

As I drove South toward Alma, Wisconsin for the engagement shoot with Katie and James – I couldn’t help stopping along the highways and byways to get a few shots of cattle on a hill at sunrise. Almost on cue, the last animal trotted along the top of the hill before disappearing. This is why I love being a wedding photographer.

After I finished impersonating a National Geographic photographer, I continued driving South to my destination, an absolutely stunning location the couple suggested.

Buena Vista Park is aptly named  as it overlooks the town of Alma, Wisconsin right on the Minnesota border near the Mississippi River.  Even large semis look like ants from this bird’s eye view. Stop reading now if you’re afraid of heights.

Katie and James stopped at a park bench before walking toward the edge of the bluff. Speaking of which, check out our version of the movie, Cliffhanger. I promise an actual couple was not in any real danger during this photo shoot.

See the church below? That is the church they later got married in, St. Lawrence. After spending time on the bluffs, the couple had fun playing on a swing set in the park. It often works for photos to have a playful activity during your engagement shoot. Much more fun than just standing there wondering what to do!

A quick drive down some exciting dirt roads with frogs crossing and we did some more shots in front of the family barn, which the couple later transformed magnificently for the wedding reception! We did a few photos with dramatic natural light in the barn before doing silhouettes in the large barn doorway, which James was nice enough to reposition perfectly for the composition of the photo.

James entertained us by relating stories about tumbling down the hay loft as a child while working or playing in the barn.

Barn weddings are getting more and more popular, but not all of them can be as personal and sentimental as this.

Next update: Photos of how the family barn was transformed for their wedding!

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